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Evangelische Studierendengemeinde Cottbus - International Student Christian Fellowship

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aktuell keine Treffen, wir haben Semesterferien

currently no meetings, we have semester break

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Schillerstraße 56, 03046  Cottbus

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Steffen Tuschling
Mobil: +49 178 8701618   Email 
Studentenhaus, Universitätsstr. 20, Raum 105, 03046 Cottbus;
Please make an appointment in advance. (by phone / e-mail)


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Covid-19 in Brandenburg

Dear students,
Kindergartens and schools, universities and concerts - everything is paused. We are right in the middle.
Nobody really knows what will happen next, but we probably have to prepare for a long time in which we have to completely change our lives.
So what should we do?
Wash your hands (2x Happy Birthday or 2x the Lord's Prayer), keep your distance, sneeze in the crook of your arm.
Maybe you put a note in the hallway and offers people who should not leave the house to do some shopping for them.
Use the time to call your grandparents and parents more often, and friends who you haven't reported to for ages.
Think of the nurses and doctors, firefighters and the people who are challenged during this time.
To those who are afraid.
To all of us that we get through this time well.
Every prayer helps.
We are of course available for you. You can always contact us, whether with ideas, questions or needs.

Studentengemeinde Cottbus

International Student Christian Fellowship

Hello and welcome to the meeting of young Christians at the BTU in Cottbus. Here, you can find Christians from all over the world and many different churches. Here, you can discuss about God and the world, get to know other cultures and traditions, engage in responsible thinking and action and find new friends.

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