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At the beginning of or after our fellowship meetings we eat together. Donations for the “supper box” are always welcome. But much more important is that every Tuesday someone prepares a simple but delicious supper. If you (and your friends) would like to prepare it, then please sign up for the supper list which is to find in our fellowship room.

Time?  The supper must be ready on time at the beginning of the fellowship meeting at 07:30 pm.

How much?   After the experiences so far you should calculate with 20 persons. Please try not to spend more than 20 Euros when shopping for the food. (We tried, it is enough for a simple meal.)

Calculation:  Per person you will need ...

for un-cooked dishes:

2 rolls or 2 slices bread

As spread per slice or roll: 

10g butter

15-20g cheese or 15-20g sausage sliced / ham

70-100g salad

6g coffee or tea (per cup)


for cooked dishes:

150g vegetables (raw)

200g potatoes (unpeeled) or 90g pasta or 75g rice

2 eggs or meat (130g roast / 100g steak) oder meat balls (100g minced meat, 1/4 roll, 1 egg per 5 portions)




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