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Room of Silence

LG 10.501a

Open: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm


Welcome to the Room of Silence

This room is open to all students and employees of the BTU who seek silence, no matter what religion or belief they are. Everyone is invited to sit down and be quiet, to pray or to meditate.



Contakt: esg-pfarrer-cottbus(at)studentengemeinde.org


Wednesday's Prayer

At the beginning of the week let us meet for prayer for our university, fellowstudents and ourselves.

When: every Wednesday, 04:30 pm (not during the lecture free periods)

Where: Room of Silence (LG 10, room 501a)


The saying "I am because you are" or "I am because we are and there we are, I am" reflects the philosophy of many African cultures. It expresses the conviction that being part of a network of relationships is part of being human. Things are so intertwined that they resemble a fabric: the vibration of a single thread sets the whole thing in motion.

Chidi Kwubiri

With looks, salvation or evil can begin. The hungry towel of the Nigerian artist Chidi Kwiburi (* 1966) shows a mirror image of two larger than life and monochrome people in profile. They look at each other and they respectfully touch each other across a border. The arms rest on the shoulder of the other and even accept the "foreign" color. In this giving and receiving, relationship grows.



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